VANNESS Designed by Yuta Hosokawa from READYMADE

UNITED ARROWS DA'AN 4th Anniversary

Over a year in the making, months in development, and weeks to prepare. The collaboration between READYMADE Yuta Hosokawa and myself has finally arrived. This collective of casual cool pieces developed in a truly organic fashion; friendship.

Deeply touched that Yuta Sama’s first time to Taiwan was on his birthday. And to be able to showcase this collaboration at such an esteemed store such as UNITED ARROWS, is a great honor. The day went by so fast and now that it’s over it all felt like a crazy outter body experience.

Thank you to Hosokawa San, Poggy San, Hiro San, Calvin San, Masuda San, and many other Sans I’ve yet to mention. Your love and support through the whole process is greatly appreciated. Blessed to know you all.

#READYMADEVANNESS #unitedarrowstaipei #readymade #vannesswu


patagonia Snap-T®

七十年代末期間,patagonia 與 Malden Mills 共同合作研發出 polar fleece 材質,並於八十年代發表了品牌專利的 Synchilla® 絨面料。1985年,品牌以 Synchilla® 製作的戶外服飾正式面世,當中,就包括了時裝人所熟識的 Snap-T®


今年5月12日,PHILLIPS 富藝斯拍賣行舉行了一次名為「DAYTONA ULTIMATUM GENEVA AUCTION」的活動,包括多枚收藏級 ROLEX DAYTONA參與競投,最終全部腕錶均以高價成交,並成為錶界中國際性新聞。