Trip to Netherlands


This trip to Netherlands visiting the head quarters of G-Star Raw, and shooting For Esquire China was truly an wonderful time. It was really good fun to meet up with the team at Esquire again. Haven’t seen them since last time in Brussels for Spa’s exotic car event. The team was amazing to work with from the photography, styling, and the interviews! It felt more like conversations with long time friend than anything else.

Visiting HQ of G-Star was definitely inspirational. Seeing how each design/concept forming from raw organic everyday objects and being able to incorporate them into clothing. I wasn’t able to take a picture but they have a fire proof room the size of a shopping mall filled with vintage clothes dating back to 40+ years ago. From firemen to army to mountain climbing gear all jus for research to get new ideas. It is a library for clothes. A history of fabric if you will. (They told me if the whole building burns down, this room is the only room that will still be ok)

Thank you to the whole team from G-Star Raw and Esquire for a wonderful experience. G-Star even have their own boat which they were gracious enough for us to use after all the work.

And the best part of the trip was I was able to spend some time seeing the natural beauty of Hollands country side with windmills and learning about the culture of why wooden shoes are made.

And I learned so much at the Van Goh Museum! Blessed to be enjoying it all with my sister who came to work with me. Can’t wait to visit the team again! Till next time God bless everyone grateful for the experience!


patagonia Snap-T®

七十年代末期間,patagonia 與 Malden Mills 共同合作研發出 polar fleece 材質,並於八十年代發表了品牌專利的 Synchilla® 絨面料。1985年,品牌以 Synchilla® 製作的戶外服飾正式面世,當中,就包括了時裝人所熟識的 Snap-T®


今年5月12日,PHILLIPS 富藝斯拍賣行舉行了一次名為「DAYTONA ULTIMATUM GENEVA AUCTION」的活動,包括多枚收藏級 ROLEX DAYTONA參與競投,最終全部腕錶均以高價成交,並成為錶界中國際性新聞。